e-commerce solutions

E-commerce Solutions :

The advent of e-Commerce has changed the way business is done across the globe. Only a few percentage of the online market is being tapped by the existing companies.

If you are company looking to Cash–in on this latest trend, then we are the right people for your job.

We use the latest technologies while designing an e-Commerce Website for

• Electronic fund Transfer
• Supply Chain Management
• Internet Marketing
• Electronic Data Interchange
• Online Transaction Processing
• Inventory Management System and
• Automated Data Collection System

Introduction of Ecommerce

An electronic commerce is a boon to the business world and shoppers. This was invented by Michael Aldrich in 1979. Since then it has undergone several transformations and advancement till date to expand its service. This is the best way to conserve time in this fast world. It enhances and facilitates to meet the needs of the people through online for 24/7 globally in many ways such as electronic fund transfer, electronic data interchange, inventory management system, supply chain management, online banking, tele-conferencing, group buying, order tracking, electronic tickets, procure management system, purchase tracking management, user management and payment portal integration

Role of Ecommerce

E-commerce website design plays a vital role in promoting sales of a company. It determines the success rate of your company by analyzing the sales of products during holiday seasons. Shoppers always seek for a desired product rather than low cost products. They look forward to get a desired product In spite of expensive. So every company should aware of guiding and providing the desired products to the customer. And company should remind that the e-commerce site must attract all kind of shoppers and satisfy them in all means. They need to convince the shoppers in all ways like, easy payment option, clear product details, discounts and offers. By making page checkouts shorter we can make the purchase enjoyable to the shoppers. It is better to concentrate in highlighting the products rather than enhancing the website design. To make the search quick and convenient search result page can be provided in the site. The site should provide sharing link to the shoppers so they can share it to their friends as well promote the product. And finally website should provide a secured feel for the shoppers to shop.

Features of Our Ecommerce Websites

• Products catalogue page.
• Online registration.
• Order processing and authorization through online.
• Shipping charges calculation online (integrated with FEDEX components or other providers).
• Credit card processing, verification and charging.
• In-built admin module.
• Order reports.

In an e-commerce website the design is very important in order to inspire the customers and bring confidence to them. MicroBit Informatics understand that e-commerce website designing is not only providing a beautiful design but it should reflect the functions and in what way the design supports the website. Our company provides e-commerce websites with easy accessible facilities, smooth navigation, product detail and all other information they look for. We do better shopping cart, product section and we do design for payment gateway.